Of Trafalgar House Christmas Fair


Excellent work by Corporation – they made it look so Christmassy!

The fair was very good too (especially the food stalls, but I would say that. I like food). It was lacking something though – needed hot chocolate! . Coffee is OK but not festive enough. Perhaps a barista next year? We did stay a while though, saw plenty of friends (some we haven’t seen for a long time) and we bought some lovely presents (and food. did I mention I like food?).

The huge slab of Wensleydale we bought should last us through till 1st December!

The journey in was quite nasty though – the absolute cold desolation of Swinton Station and crowded train (we did get seats, but not together)

The long queue at the Taxi rank (although I did wonder if the bloke in leather trousers slightly in front of us was heading up to Corp – he did have that “look” and pondered whether to ask him about a taxi share).

Finally, the horrible wet walk back down to the station (via the Chinese Supermarket though) and the delayed return train.

Normally I’d have taken the car, but Saturdays before Christmas are just not worth contemplating.

Meanwhile, in other news, Wentworth Woodhouse’ sale has fallen through. Again.

I loved this game!


I spent much of the early 90’s using the Commodore Amiga.

This was one of my go to games. The purists played Elite. I preferred Space Rogue. So did this guy. And this guy.

I loved the “Mad Max” look of the poster – what with all the leather and the stern stare of the guy in it. Looking back at it now I think it’s an absolutely terrible photo shoot! It’s so cheesy. The guy in the link above agrees.

Federation of Free Traders should have been good too, but it was just too buggy.

Finally, my feet touch the floor.

After a long day in Mansfield, and then a 7am start and 5pm finish I can finally relax.

What I do need to ask though, is regarding a couple of young men I saw at the services on the Sheffield Parkway today. They were dressed somewhat like this:


Chinos with tweeds – what would you call this look?

I’d say twattish. For the full twat look though, the chinos should be red.

Sage. The Oracle


This. Folks. Is a coffee machine. It’s the mother of all coffee machines.

It’s also – get this – £1,440

Heston Blumenthal is advertising it on TV at the moment.

Now let me just put that into perspective. The average UK take-home monthly pay is £21315 per year.

That’s £1776.25 per month, or about £409 a week.

So the average person would have to work for over THREE WEEKS to afford this.

Now bearing in mind the average bag of coffee beans costs around £15 (for a 1Kg bag) and that will make you around 120 shots… so where am I going?


Well my favourite coffee at Costa is a large Cappucino. It costs £2.65. It’s a double shot, so based on the above price of coffee you’d get around 60 of these for your £15. It also takes about 300ml of milk to make. That’s about 35p of milk.

Sooooo the component parts of every single coffee are about 60p.

Now let’s finally calculate the real cost of this beast:


If I were to go into Costa and order that SAME coffee every single day, for £1440 I would get over 540 coffees.

To make 540 coffees using the machine above I’d need £1440 + (0.60 x 540) = £1764

For that difference (£324) I could buy ANOTHER 122 coffees…

which if I were to make using the above machine I’d need yet another £73… which could again buy me yet another 27 costas.

As you can tell this is a long running spiral of spending, but in essence you would need to buy almost £2000 of Costas to actually start making this machine pay!


Go! Enjoy your costa a day for 2 years!


First world problems eh?

Time moves on.


I’ve had my Boss Micro BR (left) for many years. It’s an old friend to me having travelled all over the world as my little musicians Swiss Army Knife.

Time moves on, however, and it’s newer, bigger, easier to use brother has now found it’s way into my kit bag. The BR-80 now has 8 tracks of simultaneous playback, rather than the original 4, plus it now has stereo microphones and an easier to use live recording setup. The other additions are too many to list in a blog post without boring you all – however, the old one is not going anywhere – it has a HELL OF A LOT of recordings to it’s name – including:

Crimes of Passion – lots – but the recordings are safe 😉

Manning – Charlestown – some of the basslines were emailed up to Guy and were recorded in this – in particular T.I.C

Manning – Margaret’s Children – The first track (The Year of Wonder) and the last track (The Southern Waves) basslines all passed through the Micro BR on their way up to Guy’s.

Manning – Acoustic – Virtually all the basslines were recorded on this

Manning – The Root, The Leaf, and the Bone – Autumn Song and The Huntsman and the Poacher were recorded on this, plus there is a rather interesting songwriting session in which the middle section of Palace of Delights started to grow as a bassline!

 I found this on my Flickr from 2010:


Throwback Friday


Click the photo to go to the full album on Google Photos.

I can’t believe it’s 4 years ago since that cold horrible foggy day when we gathered up in Leeds to be photographed by Graham for Classic Rock Presents Prog. Whilst it was nice being photographed and having the band featured in the magazine, I was never actually mentioned in the article. Indeed, most of the band were pretty much anonymous.

I’d only just met Martin (keyboards) a few weeks before and indeed he hadn’t even played a gig with the band at that point!

Martin is now in Ethryll with me. We are much less serious these days.

The drummer, Joe Casey (seen saluting the camera with 2 fingers) never actually played a gig with the band. He left shortly after these photos were taken.

I still have that beautiful bass. No it’s not for sale.