Ethryll Photo Shoot

We did a new Ethryll photo shoot at the Burton Street gig. Not too bad considering they were taken with my S6 edge and processed in Snapseed (apart from the main photo which was composited in The Gimp)


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Of Sheffield Arundel Ex-Servicemen’s Club

When your back is bad the last thing you want to gig, but dosed up on painkillers I had to. I’m really glad I did too as it was a great, if somewhat strange gig!

Strange, I hear you say…

  1. Dennis’ guitar pedal flatly refused to work and he was pedal-less for the entire gig. Single sound on guitar is not great when you’re playing the variety of songs we play.
  2. I’m going to miss Sinead! She leaves in a few weeks time now and our new vocalist takes over. It’s always a time of slight dread when a major member of the band changes – even if she did point out my rubber trousers onstage (which are actually PVC and not latex). It’s a common mistake a lot of people make.

We dressed for the first set and proceeded to play through it. It was very steady, very sound, and two songs shorter. I must say even with Dennis’s problems onstage it was awesome! The swelling crowd were very appreciative.

My suit trousers are feeling a little loose now. Also my braces kept sliding off my shoulder and annoying me – I think adjustments may be needed. At least Dennis didn’t wear the red spotty tie… even if he did threaten to.

We played a slightly shorter 35 minute first set – I’m still not quite sure why, but we were told to be onstage between 8:55 and 9:30… I’m not sure if that was a mistake, but it gave me a longer break inbetween so I could take a painkiller.

The only grief in the first set was when Craig forgot and pulled me up from the bow at the end. God that hurt!

By now we were at a capacity crowd – not a single table remained anywhere in the place. It’s great to see a club doing so superbly well and having bums on seats!


This was also the first time I really got to see the venue from the back as I went to the bar – god that stage is HUGE!

We went backstage and mostly hung around there because we didn’t actually have a table – remember it was full.

Craig was regailing us about how his work colleagues had been mocking him after they have found the band website and are now sending pictures of Ricky Martin, Elton John and various others to him by email.

He made his thoughts known though…


The second set (PVC trousers, remember) was full length and again was pretty stunning. We had dancers (not a massive dance floor, but they found places to dance) and we had birthday requests – and a very rowdy Mamma Mia!

We didn’t even get to leave the stage as the “More!” calls came out, and so we left them on Sex on Fire and Don’t Stop Me Now.

Yes. That was an awesome night, and a great club – although not a particularly easy load. I wasn’t much help on the push out, but I did pack away a huge number of cables and carried lots of smaller boxes out.

I’d love to thank the rest of the guys for carrying me more than a little on this one – but I’ll make it up next time someone else has a bad back. Hopefully for the next gig I’ll be bendier again.

Bad back

I have a really sore lower back right now. I’ve had it for about a week. After suffering for so long I finally decided this morning to visit the GP.

He’s put me on Nefopam – it’s certainly killing the pain but it’s making me a bit floaty and my mouth is as dry as Ghandi’s flip flop.

Band thoughts

A friend said to me yesterday that I “must be jealous” that a band I left a long time ago is now going on tour and playing some rather large venues.

Actually, no.

First of all, I couldn’t exist with those people anymore in that band – I don’t like them.

Second, it was a money pit when I was there, and from what I gather it still has the ability to bleed the members dry. £200 for this, £300 for that, £1200 for this… Deadline was not cheap to be in, but Crimes of Passion was phenomenally expensive. Plus the sustaining of unpaid leave from work (and there was a lot of that!).

Finally, I’ve actually played better gigs since. Even Manning’s RosFest experience doesn’t hold a candle to that sensation of a packed dance floor making someone’s wedding perfect. Some people will say “but you’re not playing your own songs”. Well, I could say neither are Crimes of Passion… the entire first album was created by four people, two of whom aren’t there any more. When does a band become a tribute to itself? When 50% of the membership is no longer there according to many.

As a side note… even Ethryll gets people up dancing! Yes we’re that much of a good-time folk band!


New Vocalists

It’s coming to pass that Sinead will be leaving us at the end of March, so the task of finding a new vocalist is upon us.

It’s been a good year since she joined us – and the band has certainly come on in leaps and bounds. We had our first auditions on Sunday and it’s amazing to think that we could even play through the songs with different singers who didn’t necessarily know our versions of the songs.

We have a couple of options now, but we are holding more auditions – after all, we have until April to find that right person.