Of photoshoots and McBreakfast

So last night we had a photo shoot for the new Face The Music poster and artwork.

I didn’t take many photos at that one (in fact I recall I took two selfies). We had to be there at 8 and then we spent the next few hours in there shooting against black, white, and in various outfits. I wore the purple suit for the first set. I truly hope the camera caught it’s colour because it looks beautiful worn, but I’ve never captured it well yet on camera.

Apparently, we may have the photos through later today. I really can’t wait!

After arriving home last night quite late I was rather taken aback by a phone call at 7:30 this morning. A call out. A panel would not shut up ringing! It turns out the panel has died and needs a replacement. I’ve just been and collected the replacement and am now having a quick coffee in McDonalds before it fills with kids*, which brings me on to my next part of the title…

There is a guy here. He has just eaten FOUR FUCKING BREAKFASTS.

How the fucking hell do you eat four McDonalds breakfasts and not die?


Footnote: *it’s the school holidays. It’s always full of kids in the school holidays.