I almost broke my site…

This morning in my bleary eyed state I accidentally changed just 1 setting on my WordPress admin page.

I didn’t realise I had changed the WRONG setting (I should have clicked a box above) and BOOM my site was broken. Redirecting to the wrong place, and the admin pages no longer worked.

Thankfully, an FTP and bit of jediting later and I had created a custom child theme, replaced the original, and inserted a bit of code to undo what I had done this morning.

I did have to turn off my SSL certificate in the meantime so this means you will be logged out and will have to log in again to get your delicious cookie.

Sorry guys…

Always remember to check your car!

We’ve had a tiny water leak in a hose to the radiator of the Volvo. Something really unnoticeable…

Today, whilst driving along the car cut out. The temperature was very high as it had run dry.

Thankfully, we caught it in time and have now had the leak repaired – but it could have been terminal for the car.

A reminder to us both I think that cars don’t maintain themselves.