The tower

You know when you set on a Minecraft project, only to find it swallows all the resources you’ve mined so far?

This may be it… It’s taken me a hell of a lot of stuff already, plus loads of coal to bake the cobblestone into stone bricks.

Getting closer only makes you realise the scale of it…

And when you finally climb the stairs in the bit that’s most complete, you get an awesome view of the village!

My previous properties are all nearest me as I seem to have taken over the peninsula. The tower is the site of my first house. It was dismantled when my second house (the glass dome) was completed. The third building (but not really a house) is the pub, which is in the middle of the scene and has the stepped roof over a few levels.

Building number 4 is the view point nearest the new tower, but it was just constructed so I could look over the village and shoot any mobs in the valley.

In my time playing this town I’ve also built a rather scenic river from behind the market down to the sea (now falling in a waterfall into a rock pool under the cliffs and finishing in the two strands across the beach).


Another bombing in Manchester.

Last time it was the Arndale Centre in June 1996. I was going to see IQ at the MET in Bury.

I was going to travel by train rather than drive, but something made me change my mind at the last minute and I took my Metro 114SL

Last night, it was the arena. Currently 22 dead and many injured.

Manchester, this morning, is a mess.

Last night’s weird dream

I had a weird dream last night.

I wonder if I’ve been playing Minecraft too much lately, but it was about a house where I was staying and it had a guest house down the garden. The guest house was a rather strange layout with some very weird corridors and rooms. I think it was made of wood but that bit is a bit vague.

I was trying to decide on a room to stay it, but couldn’t make my mind up.

Perhaps someone could interpret?