Daily Fail?

I was interested to see that Centerparcs have finally pulled advertising from the Daily Mail after Richard Littlejohn blurted his Christian Conservative bollocks about how Tom Daley and his partner bringing up a child is wrong.

The problem with Christian Conservatives is that they are increasingly alienating themselves. Spewing hatrid of alternative lifestyles which don’t comply with what is written in the Bible, and condemning those who live them as if they themselves are oh so righteous and correct.

The problem with Christian Conservatives is that they are turning the younger generation away from religion. Not that that is a bad thing in my opinion; I’ve always thought organised religion is a bit shit to be fair.

Recording tonight.

Tonight I’ll be recording for the first time in a few years!

Last time I did any studio recording was back in 2007 when I was recording the Crimes of Passion eponymous album. Since then it’s always been home recording studios.

Now tonight we’re recording three excerpts of songs to go on our new wedding demo to send out to prospective clients.

Red light fever incoming!