Of gigs. And cars.

The old Volvo promptly died on Thursday. We knew it was getting very tired and ready for scrapping.

It had run itself dry of water again (it had taken to randomly just drinking the contents of the radiator, or possibly just leaking them out through a bad seal, we never did find out) and heat seized.

The AA came out and towed it to our garage where it was determined uneconomical to repair. Farewell old girl.

So… The search for a new car began. We like the Volvo V40. Yeah the V50 is been and gone, and the V40 is back (although it’s now just a reskinned Focus).

In the meantime we were distracted by a Jag X Type – decided to jump – arranged to meet the guy in Leeds on Saturday after he had “finished work at 2”.

So, why do we now have another Volvo? Well, dickhead in Leeds sold the car just before we were going to meet him.

At 1:45 I had phoned him to let him know we were about 10 minutes away and he said “there’s someone here looking at it already”. He phoned me a few minutes later and told me he’d sold it. I called him an inconsiderate person (I didn’t actually swear) and blocked his calls on my phone.

So… Stuck in Leeds with Hannah, 2 people, 1 vehicle, it was a case of what to do? I was heading to Bury for a gig. She had to come home.

After a quick conflab we decided to look around whilst we were in Leeds. There was a silver V40 in Wyke, near Bradford! We phoned the garage. They still had it. It was much lower mileage than many others of a similar age. It had a full service history!

So we headed over to Wyke. Did a test drive, and sure enough, it was good. A little lower down the range than our current dead one, but still decent enough inside.

The plan, therefore, is to swap the higher range parts out of our old one (leather seats in particular).

So. Car bought, insured, taxed I headed on through snow flurries to Bury. Hannah took the van home. After all, a Swedish car is a far better prospect of being built for winter.

Arriving at the gig at 5:30ish and being followed in a few minutes later by the rest of the band we loaded in and set up. It was a small room and a business Christmas party we were playing.

It was at a cricket club so the dressing room was a changing room. We found silly hats…

Space was, shall we say, a premium. Volume was uncontrollable as Steve seemed to think he was playing an arena and he beat the kit to death.

In all, it was an OK first set, redeemed wholeheartedly by the really good second set. Too many new songs left us nervous and feeling unprepared. It’s always the same when you drop new stuff in. It’s like new Levis 501’s. Horrible and stiff at first, but comfortable as hell after a couple of weeks.

Whilst we played though the snow came down. It put a good 1″ coating on the back roads but the motorways were nice and clear at least.

After dropping Craig, Steve and Belinda back at Craig’s, I headed home. It was a 2am home time which wasn’t bad to say it was Bury.

Bye Bye Alternator

The rattling on the van became a lot quieter earlier today.

The rattle, I should explain, has been an abhorrant clatter clatter clatter which started a couple of months ago with just an occasional mechanical metallic thunk and then yesterday became a lot more intense. It was proving very difficult to track down the source of it though.

Today, it revealed itself as whilst I was driving up the A1 the alternator light started to flicker occasionally.

Now it’s on all the time. I’ve got to start the van and get it to Rotherham so I can get it repaired. Can I do it? I think so if I use no electrics at all (or at least minimal just for brakes and indicators). We shall see…

Disappointing Pie

Have you ever seen someone advertise an event and state “pie & peas”?

This is pie and peas. The pie has a thick short crust pastry. The peas are mushy (preferably soaked for at least a day). You can also add gravy and mint sauce to taste. Being vegetarian I will have a veggie pie (Quorn is preferred). It’s a staple of pub cuisine, and often served by working men’s clubs.

So, when I get offered pie and peas and find this offered my disappointment can’t be contained.

The marrowfat peas redeem it somewhat, but it’s not what I associate with being pie and peas. Worse when it’s garden peas. That is an abomination.

The biggest abomination, however, is when you get promised pie and peas (with vegetarian option) only to find the vegetarian “pie” is a fucking nut roast.

That, sir, is how you insult every vegetarian in one fell swoop.

We got a Switch!

Today I decided to spend the credit from the Sonos speakers on a Nintendo Switch.

I’ve also bought Zelda for it and so far I can say it is absolutely beautiful as a game. The landscape is vast!