My wife’s Valentine’s card.

In Sinclair BASIC


10 LET r$=”red” : LET b$=”blue”

20 CLS

30 PRINT INK 0;”Roses are “;INK 2;r$

40 PRINT INK 0;”Violets are “;INK 1;b$

50 PRINT INK 0;”Sugar is Sweet”

60 PRINT “and I love ”

70 FOR F=1 TO 1000

80 INK INT(RND*6)+1


100 NEXT F

110 STOP

The Ethryll Gig

Sunday was an Ethryll gig at The Cutlers Arms for me. It was the first gig since The Boot & Shoe last November.

It’s quite well known now that Jackie hurt herself quite badly just before that gig, and that her repeated use of crutches since has led to some quite bad swelling on her arms. As a result she hasn’t been able to play for very long.

Sunday’s gig, therefore, saw us working with Carl from Kingfisher Blue for a few of the songs, and what a great experience it was!

First, my bass absolutely refused to output sound. I’m not sure why as there was no battery warning. I’m going to get it checked out before the next gig for obvious reasons, but Alun (also from Kingfisher Blue) stepped in and loaned me his bass.

Also, you’ll notice, a slight image change for me. I think I like the look… I might do that more.

Most of the photos were taken by Rich Sayles and are used with permission.

Of horses heads and lolly sticks

Recent reminiscence of my childhood brought me back to the mid 80’s at the Don Weir in Kilnhurst.

It was a hot August afternoon, the school holidays were in full swing, and we had gone on a bike ride down to this secluded spot on the river where the water was nice and deep for swimming.

After a good couple of hours we decided to set off upstream to pick up the path to home. It was at a point about half a mile along the path where we saw a black plastic bin liner which had torn open. In it was a horses head. Severed from the body and dumped.

It was pretty gross to be honest.

I never did find out why it was there, or what the fate of the poor creature had been.

Hannah asked me what we did with it…

“Poked it with a stick”. I was about 12. What else was I supposed to do?