Another bombing in Manchester.

Last time it was the Arndale Centre in June 1996. I was going to see IQ at the MET in Bury.

I was going to travel by train rather than drive, but something made me change my mind at the last minute and I took my Metro 114SL

Last night, it was the arena. Currently 22 dead and many injured.

Manchester, this morning, is a mess.

Last night’s weird dream

I had a weird dream last night.

I wonder if I’ve been playing Minecraft too much lately, but it was about a house where I was staying and it had a guest house down the garden. The guest house was a rather strange layout with some very weird corridors and rooms. I think it was made of wood but that bit is a bit vague.

I was trying to decide on a room to stay it, but couldn’t make my mind up.

Perhaps someone could interpret?

Disappearing Mouse Pointer in Chrome

Having puzzled over this for ages, even to the point of starting to use Edge more as a browser, I’ve figured how to get the mouse pointer to reappear if it disappears without having to delve deep into menus.

Simply type


into your navigation box.

This will force Chrome to restart and will restore the missing mouse pointer.