So the new WordPress theme is now online. I installed it, and I must say it’s rather nice actually!

I think it will be staying on my site for a while.

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Random thoughts for today… man walks into McDonald’s and goes to the toilet only. Walks straight back out. Technically I call this a McPee.

His suit was obscenely tight fitting and I question whether he was having to pee regularly because his bladder now has the capacity of a pregnant lady with it being squashed into obscenely tiny trousers?

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Remember when…

Techradar hadn’t become Apple skills? 

No. Me neither.


I fill them under iVerge. Performing unrealistic non real world tests and then announcing the iPhone 7 to be the best phone ever made. Pretty much.

Apart from their omitting the facts:

1. It is far more expensive than all the other devices shown.

2. It is pushing under a quarter of the pixels of the other devices.

3. It is a highly optimised operating system designed to cope with just one specification of device and one manufacturer.

4. It is still not a true multi threaded multi tasking operating system. Compare the Atari ST to the Amiga. The Amiga trounced the ST on pure capability, but the primitive OS on the ST would always win the day on stability and speed.

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Christmassy Costa


There are two reasons you are allowed to hate me for posting this.

1. It’s a food photo. I don’t often do food photos. I usually see them as the preserve of vacuous duck face hipsters called Miles or Jonty. You know, people who wear red trousers.

2. It’s Christmas crap. I don’t do Christmas crap – although I will make an exception in December only. Usually I find the Christmas specials to be over flavoured versions of the normal product. Except After 8 McFlurry.

Costa, however, have done pretty good with this, first the cake was £1. For those of you who don’t know Costa, their cakes are good but wow are they pricey!

Second the cappuccino was rather good too. Salted caramel. I don’t think of Salted caramel as Christmassy though, but hey ho.

To spoil it though – the shortbread pieces. They just sink and give that “I was dunking biscuits and one broke” sensation. I’ll omit those next time.

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A new suit!

Finally I completed the “constellation suit”.

I call it the constellation suit because it’s flecked with stars. It’s a very nice cut and a superb fit.

Normally when I buy a stagewear suit I will only buy the waistcoat and trousers, firstly for financial reasons that a suit only lasts me about a year onstage, but also because I never wear the jackets. This suit, however,  is so beautiful and unusual that I had to complete it.

I don’t think it’s been very popular for sale though as it quickly attracted quite large reductions in price, thus making the jacket just £40!

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