So out of the blue I get a call. Can I help with an electrical problem? He’s going to send me a picture.

We. How about fuck off?

That’s a live supply with no fusing at all! Obviously the fuse has exploded at some point and instead of phoning 105 the tenant has decided to take matters into his own hands.


Call out this afternoon. Hall lights not working. Every time the guy switched them on at the fuse box the breaker flashed and tripped off.

This was the cause. The wire had been resting against the back of the light fitting, which itself contained a 50W GU10 bulb. Those things get hot!

The cable was in a proper rock hard crispy state.

This is why I hate incandescent GU10 bulbs.

New dashcam

I’ve just bought a new dashcam to replace my old one which has stopped reading and writing memory cards.

It’s WiFi so perhaps it will be easier to get video off it?

Amazingly it was a third cheaper than my last one. How technology moves on.