Disappointing Pie

Have you ever seen someone advertise an event and state “pie & peas”?

This is pie and peas. The pie has a thick short crust pastry. The peas are mushy (preferably soaked for at least a day). You can also add gravy and mint sauce to taste. Being vegetarian I will have a veggie pie (Quorn is preferred). It’s a staple of pub cuisine, and often served by working men’s clubs.

So, when I get offered pie and peas and find this offered my disappointment can’t be contained.

The marrowfat peas redeem it somewhat, but it’s not what I associate with being pie and peas. Worse when it’s garden peas. That is an abomination.

The biggest abomination, however, is when you get promised pie and peas (with vegetarian option) only to find the vegetarian “pie” is a fucking nut roast.

That, sir, is how you insult every vegetarian in one fell swoop.

We got a Switch!

Today I decided to spend the credit from the Sonos speakers on a Nintendo Switch.

I’ve also bought Zelda for it and so far I can say it is absolutely beautiful as a game. The landscape is vast!

Four Years Ago

It is hard to believe, and yet easy to recall that it is four years since the end of Manning.

It’s even more amazing to realise that in the brief first 12 months with Face The Music we performed more gigs than my entire stint with Manning produced.

I look back at it with some sadness. The 8 piece band was a great experience, especially playing RoSfest, touring Europe (if 2 dates can be considered a tour), and recording on 5 albums (including the initial development of an entire section of one of the songs on Root, Leaf & Bone for which I was never credited)

Ididn’t enjoy it after Summers End in September 2012. It was like we treaded water for 12 months until the inevitable self destruction. Being in a band with two people you really don’t like is not a good way to be.

Looking back though, here are photos of the good times (and some of the bad times).

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