Portrait Mode

So I got a new Note 8 and I’ve hardly even touched the camera on it.  So the other day I popped into my unit and decided to have a play. I though you’ll agree the results are rather nice, however, it is actually quite difficult to get satisfactory results as you are taking all your photos at 2x zoom.

Christmas 2017

So I got beard baubles. It had to happen.

I suppose they’ll go great with my incoming Sprout Shirt (I shit you not – these are a thing) and my red latex jeans.

When the shirt arrives I’m on a promise to share a photo of me in it with the latex jeans. Keep following me to see the horrible results (although I might wear the ensemble to a party near you soon!).

In other

And let it begin…

…but it ain’t gonna snow.

Christmas is now here. Just 2 days away! Here begins all the chaos, first the last minute Christmas shopping (not me, I’m done) with idiots queuing to every single shopping centre in the area, and then the pubs. The pubs full of idiots who never drink having too much to drink and then spewing over our garden wall.

Bah bloody Humbug.


And that’s where I seem to be sticking now, but my body is still changing shape and clothes are fitting me better.

Especially these jeans… finest latex. You should see my old PVC jeans. They’re hanging off me!

Why oh Why?

Do Rotherham council think it’s a smart idea to start two sets of roadworks on major roads into/across town just before Christmas when the shopping traffic is ridiculous?

It took me 20 minutes to get down Greasborough road yesterday because of stupid traffic lights.

A big old catchup.

So, what to say…

I’ve not blogged for a few days. Not because I’ve had nothing to say; indeed; I’ve had loads to say. I’ve been just too busy to say it!

After getting the new Volvo, and then having the alternator changed on the van (which I might add still isn’t behaving itself – I suspect the new alternator might have a poor quality regulator on it and I’ve raised issue regarding that), we then move on to Phone Day, Gig Day, and all associated things…

Saturday was everything day. I went to EE to sort out a few contracts on the phones (I have a number of tablets for work, mostly for system monitoring where I need to leave them a loan device on site) and the contracts were all coming up for renewal and since I just wanted to keep the old tablets as they worked perfectly fine, I decided to just go to a SIM only contract.

That was until EE offered me a new device for just 1 POUND more a month than the SIM only contract. A device with a value of around 200 quid!.

I promptly renewed both with new tablets, and then got offered an early upgrade on my old S7! Woohoo!

I’m now in possession of a Galaxy Note 8 and WOW it’s amazing!

The gig – in Widnes – was also superbly good. A works party this time. We all met at Craig’s house and then travelled in the van as a band. It was a hotel – not a very easy load, but no steps – just lots of pushing an a lift (and a couple of arrogant guests who even though we were unloading the lift walked straight in and pressed the button to use it. Seriously, is their time that important that they can’t wait just 30 seconds?

We set up, did the gig, and the sound engineer took about 200 photos! A very well played gig, and a fairly good early finish too. We were packed down and on our way just after Midnight!

Anyhow, here are some photos… I’ll post again later with more stuff!