…my biography


This is the official web site of Kris Hudson-Lee
Bassist with Face The Music and Ethryll, former bassist with Manning, Crimes of Passion and Deadline.

I’ve recorded on quite a few albums and EP’s in my career… but you need to hunt around if you want to know.

Married over 11 years now (to my beautiful wife Hannah – with whom I perform in Ethryll) and owned by a number of cats, including a geriatric tabby who orders me around.

I’m a technology geek and love all things Android & Nintendo, as well as music technology. I also love retro gaming – Atari 2600, Sinclair Spectrum and Amiga were my chosen platforms back in the day.

I’m also rather a fan of photography. I have an instagram presence and a huge collection of photos (40,000+ and counting) on Google Photos.

I am also a bit of a fan of shiny clothes – leather, latex, PVC – indeed, anything shiny. Deal with it.

I currently rock a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (Core i5) and a Microsoft Surface Book (Core i7) as my daily drivers. I am also a fan of Chromebooks.