Another Laptop…ish

My old S7 edge was up for renewal (now a Note 8) so I decided to take the old one to CEX. It was booking at £200 which was about what I was expecting. It was slightly tatty and had a couple of chips on the frame although no glass broken.

Then came the twist in the tale. At Rotherham CEX it failed the charging test. The charging chip was damaged and they couldn’t take it, however, it was still under warranty so I took it to Carphone Warehouse and asked them to send it to Samsung for repair.

Sure enough, a week and a bit later it came back. Fully mended. Better still, they had replaced both glasses and the frame as well as the charging port and battery so in essence it was a brand new phone!

Now what I was fancying was a Yogabook running Android. I’ve got a Windows Yogabook but that is my work laptop, as is the Surface Book. This was to be totally my own.

Worksop CEX indeed had an A grade one in for £330 so I took the S7 there, and with all my CEX credit including the – now £260 for the S7 – I got the Yogabook.

Apart from about 8 system updates needed yesterday (one of which, annoyingly, killed window mode) it is a great device. I’m sure the Window mode will be back but in my experience if an app isn’t coded to support it the mode is flaky anyway.

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