New Suit

I bought a new suit today.

Much smaller sizes, slimmer fit. I can’t believe how good it looks!

It was such a nice fit that I splashed out and bought all three pieces of it. Something I rarely do!

New car. Snow covered!

Typical… You pick up your new car on Friday, then Saturday dumps a tonne of snow on you!

By Sunday morning we had 5″ of snow.

Amazingly though, it didn’t last long. It’s pretty much all gone already.

Ok! Skinny!

This photo is what I’ve wanted to look like for years. The jeans are a 36″ waist. I wore them last about 10 years ago. They now fit me.

89kg now. Almost at my ideal weight of 85kg.


Some would describe this as OCD.

I just think it’s a neat and tidy installation.

New phone

Not really,  just a new version of the same model after my Galaxy Note 8 charging decided to stop working properly.

First gig in ages!

It was the first gig in 12 weeks last night for Face The Music and damn were we rusty! Luckily we had a really good long sound check so we could polish up any rough edges.

It was also weird because it’s my first full “weight loss” gig, and boy has stuff changed. First I had to shorten both straps on my basses, plus I’ve had to rethink my wireless pack because my back now “goes in” and the antenna which normally sat flat now goes in and was feeling really uncomfortable for the first set.

I also realised that braces (suspenders) are absolutely necessary now. My suits are too loose and keep falling down. My first set was spent trying to stop this happening because I thought I could be clever and wear a belt, but nope. It really didn’t keep my trousers up.

Musically we were competent. We slotted straight back into the routine with very few errors, and any errors were things like an extra chorus in a song, or a slightly longer/sortsho outro than planned.

This was also the first gig with our “new” sound engineer. It’s the same guy as before, Jake, but he’s had all his hair cut off and he looks quite normal now.

In fact he looks like Andy Crane!

I got home at about half past one. Not too bad actually.