A suit that fits, and two that don’t.

Again gig day fell upon us yesterday. A very lush hotel over in Nottinghamshire this time.

As per the norm nowadays, I pop to my office and pick up my suit back for each gig, carefully choosing the suits from my rather sizeable collection.

As per the other norm, I now have to try them on before I go because I’ve lost rather a lot of weight and the number of them which actually fit me well is diminishing rapidly.

This one, for example, is recent. It fits well. The trousers sit well. Not too tight, not too loose. The waistcoat has to be cinched a little; but not too much.

Even this silver suit fits acceptably, although I think I may get the trousers taken in as it’s now a little too loose around the waistband but I rather like it as it’s shiny and looks good onstage.

This mottled suit, is my only other choice, however, because it was bought as a slim fit it now doesn’t sit well on my legs. Slim fitting suits should taper down the legs and fit close to the skin. This one now fails at that.

I think I’ll be shopping for a new one very soon.

The gig, by the way, was absolutely amazing. We played two blinding sets (and even flung a new song in for good measure).

Photos are here.

The hotel is absolutely beautiful and very peaceful. The grounds are idyllic. I would definitely recommend Ye Olde Bell to anyone.

Eurovision… Such bollocks.

So we watched Eurovision yesterday.

I have to say it was pretty much the usual level of bollocks. With Vikings!

The game Eurovision bingo can be played so perfectly every single time. Greece always give Cyprus 12 points, and the Baltics and Balkans always block vote.

Isreal won. I can’t understand why. A mish-mash of a nonsense song with a very random stage performance.

The highlight of the evening for me was Norway with a rather catchy but incredibly cheesy number “That’s how you write a song” whilst the low point of the evening was Sweden with the obscenely tight trousered young man performing what appeared to be on Top of the Pops 1984. With neon.

So in essence. It’s bollocks.

But it’s so watchable! The terrible attempts at humour in the cut scenes, the over the top costuming, and let’s not forget that it is the biggest gay club in Europe! The crowd last night in there were absolutely oozing testosterone for each other. It was gayer than a B-52’s gig.

Leather suits in the office

I’ve been asked a couple of times about my leather suit; not just the basic questions such as where it was from or how much it cost, but why do I wear it?

The answer is – I don’t. Whilst there are a few photos of me in parts of it, except from narcissism photos and one fetish night you’ll never see me out and about in public wearing my leather suit in its entirety.

You could say well that’s a waste, but even me, with my huge leather wearing desire draw the line at a full three piece leather suit.

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My birthday just happened.

It was a rather mute affair, as they all tend to be these days, but it was perfect for what I wanted.

For my birthday I had a nice selection of presents including some rather splendid 1970’s egg cups (yes, I had booked eggs for my tea!).

I remember these from when I was a kid. It took me back to 1979!

My other presents were some rather fetching waistcoats for stage wear (and possible normal wear…); a Legend of Zelda amiibo, and a box of Ferrero Rocher.

My cake was exactly as I demanded (much to the despair of my wife who makes amazing cakes). I wanted a Marks & Spencer “Colin the Caterpillar”.

That’s exactly what I got.

I finished the night off with Pimm’s & Zelda. A rather nice quiet night. Perfect.

As a matter of interest, the rain returned. It sounded nice on the window. Just light, but very nice.

Pure Land

Bank holiday weekends are always quite lazy weekends for us these days as the business is very busy.

This Monday, however, we went to Pure Land again. It’s a place we love very much.

I broke my run!

In all the years I’ve owned smartphones:

Handspring Treo – HTC Kaiser – HTC Diamond – Dell Streak – Samsung Galaxy Note – Nexus 5 – Samsung Galaxy S6 – Samsung Galaxy S7 – Samsung Galaxy S8 – Samsung Galaxy Note 8

(About 13 years there)

I’ve never ever broken a screen. Never. I’ve had a couple of other claims (my Diamond fell in the pond, plus a couple of warranty fixes) but never ever a screen.

Today, I dropped my Note 8. It struck the corner. I didn’t have my high impact Tech21 case on it. A spider crack has gone across the top right hand corner. Not too bad, but the front camera is affected. I use the front camera lots.

Thankfully it’s insured.

I feel like such a twat. I’ll be keeping the case on all the time now. You live and learn.

See the ghosting at the bottom of the image? That’s the cracked screen reflecting images into the camera wrong.

Bank Holiday Gah

So I’ve just been awaken by a call out. Some bloody numpty going into an area they shouldn’t have of a part locked building has set the intruder alarm off.

Yesterday wasn’t great either. I cleaned the patio, built up the hot tub mat, inflated the hot tub, and then watched it slowly deflate. Luckily the hole was easy to find and I’ve now ordered a repair kit to sort it, but that won’t be here till Wednesday.

It’s a shame as it’s forecast to get up to 24 today!