New car. Snow covered!

Typical… You pick up your new car on Friday, then Saturday dumps a tonne of snow on you!

By Sunday morning we had 5″ of snow.

Amazingly though, it didn’t last long. It’s pretty much all gone already.

Ok! Skinny!

This photo is what I’ve wanted to look like for years. The jeans are a 36″ waist. I wore them last about 10 years ago. They now fit me.

89kg now. Almost at my ideal weight of 85kg.

New phone

Not really,  just a new version of the same model after my Galaxy Note 8 charging decided to stop working properly.

I left Vero

Not just out of frustration at the sheer clunkyness and slowness of the interface, but also I don’t like the shady business practices of the CEO.


There’s been a lot buzz lately about Vero. It’s a new social network that seems to be getting quite a big uplift in adoption just lately.

It’s aiming it’s sights squarely at Instagram with it’s promises of no advertising, a subscription based method, and no stream interference or targeted posts.

I like it’s promises. If they deliver it will be the social network many people want!

However a few things concern me.

1. It’s slow, buggy, frustrating. There’s a lot of wait time just browsing the site.

2. It’s growing faster than it can keep up. Instead of trickling new users in (as many new social networks do) it’s opened the floodgates. It’s crashing a lot.

3. It’s terms of service seem to insist that once you’ve posted, they own your creations (hence me only shitposting on there).

4. I heard a rumour that it’s Russian. I pulled out of Livejournal because it’s now Russian owned and governed by Russian law.

I’m not sure if it will last, and indeed a lot of my early adopter friends area already tired of trying to log in and failing. That’s not a good sign when you get bored of a site quickly


There’s a new social network on the block. I’ve been on it since last October but suddenly it’s really taken off.

And crashed.

And crashed.

And crashed.

They really need to stop new user enrollments until they’ve sorted the basics out because the constant inability to log in is really not good.