Crimes of Passion

Crimes of Passion in about 2006.

Deadline was evolving into a metal band. I wasn’t digging it, but I was stuck in the rut of not wanting to leave but not enjoying quite a bit of the stuff we were playing either.

We did a few nice gigs; toured with White Lion and Great White (including playing Shepherds Bush Empire) and recorded a demo, and then an album.


How do you piss off a rock band pretending to be hard? Well that “background” on the left hand side of the first EP – Yeah it’s dolls house wallpaper!


In January 2008 I was told we were to tour for a whole 6 weeks in May and June. I couldn’t do this – my business was just starting to take off – and so when I was offered the option to leave I took it.

Surprisingly, they already had a bassist lined up to replace me. That was nice.

In April 2008 I was invited to the album release party. I was given my free copy of the album. It didn’t please me. The artwork had been changed (for reference here is the original) – note the body size (I’m 6ft 1″) and the body shape (38″ waist) and the trademark beard and leather trousers here. Plus notice the bass headstock. Distinctly Warwick.

The bassist who had replaced me was much thinner than me so his body “photoshopped” over mine looked all wrong. Worse still, even though I helped write the album I had been reduced to a mere “bass played by” credit in the back cover.

The PRS, however, are aware of this and my representatives have full copies of lots of rehearsals showing the evolution of the songs and including lots of talking and very recognisable voices. I have no intention on doing anything about this, but recognition would be nice.


A little Easter Egg is the fact that one of the women in the storybook is riding my motorbike – a Honda X11 – that one on the right here.


Mine looked like this:


I was offered a severance contract when I bailed.

I never signed it. I never made any money when I was in Deadline or COP (in fact COP was a money pit for me) and I didn’t see much point in continuing with any action.

Guitar : Andy Lindsay (2005 – ?)
Drums : Kev Tonge (2005 – ?)
Vocals : Dale Radcliffe (2005 – ?)

3 track demo (2005)
Eponymous (2008)

What various organisations hold about COP:

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