Deadline in 2000 – Me, Andy, Steve and Chris. The best line-up in my opinion.

Just before the Solar Eclipse in August I got a call from yet another Chris. He was in a band called Promise. They mainly did obscure rock covers by even more obscure bands, but they were trying to write their own material and wondered if I was interested.

Just after the eclipse we rehearsed for the first time at Peach Studios in Rotherham. That first rehearsal was the beginning of a good thing!

In February 2000 we played a gig as Promise – then the next day we unveiled Deadline at the Battle of the Bands and went on to win.

A lot of tours, tons of gigs and loads of recordings later it started to fall apart.




Chris and I joined a covers band (me briefly) – Chris then quit and we got a new drummer in… we lasted another couple of years as Deadline.

Steve then quit and Dale from Tikaboo Peak came onboard – and Deadline ended for me.

Deadline started to change. I wasn’t a fan of the change – and it evolved into Crimes of Passion.

Guitar : Andy Lindsay (1999 – 2005)
Vocals : Steve Lunn (1999-2005) / Dale Radcliffe (2005)
Drums : Christian Hayes (1999 – 2003) / Kev Tonge (2003 – 2005)

Deadline #1 Photos (Chris on Drums)

Deadline #2 Photos (Kev on Drums)

Albums :
“all things considered…” – 2000


Love’s a Battle

Losing Myself


“as of now…” – 2001

The World is Turning

Love’s a Battle

Dust to Dust

Everything’s Alright


Life’s too Short

As of now…

Losing Myself

Journey’s End

“The Gods EP” – 2002

“is anybody paying attention?” – 2003

“Mind The Step” – 2004

As of Now… (acoustic)

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