Joe Lazarus

1997 – 1999 : Telefunken / Joe Lazarus

Joe Lazarus back in 1998 – Me on the left. Wayne, Chris, Paul and Dan in order.

In about April 1997 I was contacted out of the blue by a guy called Dan (Evans). He had seen a flyer I had posted in Electro Music (Doncaster) “bassist available”. This also marked the start of me joining bands with members called Chris.

The alternative version of the photoshoot picture we had taken at the studio on Beckett Road. This was not a good shoot!

The band had existed for a while as Telefunken and had some songs already – but they wanted a reshuffle. Dan wanted to go back to guitar (he was playing Bass) and so I joined them in April 2007.

Songwriting started in earnest to swell the repertoire as we rehearsed in many places including Badge Studios (where we were later to record Stuff) and eventually my work unit (amongst the fire extinguishers!)

Wayne didn’t actually play guitar…

We played many venues during the time we were together including The Bell & Crown in Snaith, The Leopard in Doncaster (more times than I dare to count), The Tut & Shive chain in Doncaster, Barnsley and Rotherham – some of these gigs were memorable if not always for the right reasons… loading into the Leopard one cold frosty night in December up that fire escape is something I would rather forget!

Towing my trailer on the back of my trusty Rover 114 GTa with my Trace Elliott bass rig within is a memory that will live with me forever! – as well as the number of times we tried to “forget” Chris’s bongos so he wouldn’t have to play them.

Capacity Crowd at The Bell & Crown, Snaith

During that time, we recorded one EP (well, it was a mini album really – 6 tracks) and had a few social events within the band including Chris’s first wedding at which we all dressed in our finest bad 90’s suits (apart from Dan who sweated himself silly in full velvet!). Velvet was fashionable at the time…

Bad 90’s suits!

Eventually though, it started to crumble apart. Wayne wanted to quit – and we just agreed mutually to call it a day.

We all still talk (although if Chris ever sees the bit about his bongos he may cut us all off!) and we are now friends on Facebook together. I’ve even met up with the guys since! Dan lives in Japan but the rest of us have seen each other from time to time whilst wandering through the area.

Guitar : Dan Evans
Drums : Wayne Gough
Vocals : Chris Perkins
Guitar : Paul Peters

Albums :

“EP” – Released before my tenure.

“Stuff” – GERM014 – 1998

1: Novel – download
2: Can You See Me Smile? – download
3: Summer Days – download
4: 1:45 (Halfway to Heaven) – download
5: The Girl – download
6: Hoola Lou – download

“The Peanut Butter Sessions” – 1999 (never released)

A rare sighting of the Stuff album!


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