The Ones That Got Away

Bands and other musical projects are listed here. Some of these did things, some of them crashed and burned.

1996 : Outer Limits
A prog band – but it never did much. 2 rehearsals under our belt, the start of a couple of songs, and nothing else.

1999 – I am me

I Am Me - 1999 - 1
Yes that’s me in the red leather suit! I had a Suzuki Bandit 600 at the time.

I started working with a singer songwriter called Mel (who was based in North Anston at that time). The project lasted for a few months from April 1999 (end of Joe Lazarus) until about August. It didn’t work out… however… one of the riffs I came up with did reappear in Deadline as “Losing Myself”

2006 – Snakeryder

On September 12th 2006 I played bass with Snakeryder (AJ Fedz) as part of Deadline. I rather enjoyed it!

2014 – “Mullet Over”

After the demise of Manning as was in late 2013 I was at a loose end. Hannah, Martin and I worked on covers with the intention of forming a band. It didn’t work out… but it did mutate in a roundabout way into Ethryll.

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