The Weekend…

No rehearsal this weekend… band full of cold. Timing too! – we have Mike Tramp just 3 weeks away.

The gig on Saturday was very good. The Flower Kings. Very full.. and the band were pretty good too, although in my humble opinion, I think the sound was awful. It was death by midrange and quite a few fans were passing on those comments to me. Plus Dave W. ate my chocolate muffin. He is soooooooo dead at the Logical Tramps gig…

Anyhoo… time for me to actually do some work… may go for a poo first…

Yes I think I will.

From AOL news main page…

Beckham Can’t Dance Says Posh

David Beckham may display fancy footwork on the pitch – but he has two left feet when it comes to dancing, says Victoria

……. the questions is:

Do we actually give a flying fuck what the ultimate chav couple actually do any more?

The amazing artwork of doom

This CD artwork is proving to be a bit of a swine to do… however… it now looks very good and is pretty much completed.

Things that have stood in the way of progress:-

1. Lazyness (ok… we should have had it done BEFORE we recorded the album)
2. Sobig F – numpty member of band (nameless) doesn’t believe in virus killers…
3. Wrong sizes… 0.2mm is still 0.2mm in any language, and it’s a hell of a lot on a CD cover
4. Wrong logo… I didn’t do it (quoth Bart Simpson)

Meanwhile… in my normal life…

I had a major blooper last night with my telephone banking – I wondered why the petrol station declined my card… someone PLEASE tell me it was the 4th of the month yesterday and NOT the 5th as I thought… a large amount of cash I had paid in didn’t clear in time… then again my boss had paid my wages into the wrong account while I was away. D’oh.

I am now going to eat Murray Mints because they are too good to hurry mints…


I got a brand new Treo 600 smartphone. Tis cool… low res screen (depressing after 320 x 480 of T3)… but I got the ringtone “Pinky & the Brain” on it. Way cool.

EW decides she really really hates my guts. I feel pleased. I’d rather have my bits flattened by a steam roller than ever speak to her any way.

We did the first gig in a while on Saturday – we played well… well I think we did anyhoo.


Well… for those of you who’ve been following this – here is the running order of the album.

1. Out of Reach
2. Too Many Things
3. Only You
4. One Touch
5. Just One Night
6. Losing Myself
7. Love’s A Battle
8. Love Won’t Fade Away
9. Stay
10.As of Now…

we finally agreed on it!

By request…

I’ve been asked to update my LJ cos I just keep forgetting (being really crap, and all)…

We’ve recorded the album over the last month and it sounds pretty damn good even if I do say so myself. We spent many days commuting to/from Birmingham mending stuff on it, but it paid off.

I am currently feeling very tired – we had the last day yesterday and I didn’t get in while midnight.

I’m at the dentists at quarter to five and am not looking forward to it – 3 fillings (eek!)

May update again tomorrow…