It’s a sad day for me.

Last night at 9:20 the Grand National in Blackpool, my favourite roller-coaster was damaged by fire.

Although the damage is not significant, it’s closed the ride and damaged the classic 1920’s Art Deco boarding station and one of the original 1935 trains.

The Grand National (showing my nerdyness now) was designed by Charles Paige and was finished in 1935. It’s a racing coaster (two tracks side by side) and is one of the two remaining cross-over coasters left (where you leave on one platform, and come back in on the other one) – most coasters of this type are just two tracks built side by side.

It also damaged the “Alice In Wonderland” ride.

If I could change gender for a week…

this prompted me to write…

5. What’s the first thing you’d do if you could change gender for a week?

a)slap on a pantyliner and rollerskates and take two dalmatians for a walk so they could drag me along a promenade.

b)stand in the middle of a street and take a canestan once tablet, because when you have thrush apparently it only works if you take it in a public place with lots of friends around.

c)wash my hair and swing it around like they do in the adverts.

d)say “Freddy Krueger can’t hurt you now… Mommy killed him” in an incredibly deadpan tone of voice – realising how really crap that film has become. It used to scare me – I watched it the other day and it didn’t really work any more.

House on Haunted Hill – now that’s SCARY!

Barbie (& Ken) & the accident

Friday was lazy. Fridays should be lazy. Last Friday was. Lazy.

Saturday – rose with the knock on the door that announced the delivery of one of my ebay items (black & velvet & very cool).

I had to run a gig at Oakwood (Karnataka) and so left the house mid afternoon, fought the Rotherham Traffic and made it to Oakwood in time to find the PA company arriving – and they weren’t Starsound.

An eventless afternoon was had by all. Doors were 10 minutes late, not too bad to say the headline band didn’t show until 4:30…

Then went to the Nevilles big birthday party at E’s house. It was a barbie – Ken was there!… (although without fetching jumper). I admit – I watched EUROVISION!!!

Sunday – rose early again (without altacoustic next to me) and went to Andy’s. We then headed to Birmingham in Andy’s Fiat to the recording studio we are using for the full CD.

All went well until we crossed the M6 toll, and got hit by a Citroen, spinning the car totally and doing quite a bit of damage. Andy’s car was driveable (although now squeaks from the back wheel, and one of the brake servos started leaking just before we got home causing the (!) light to come on).

Went to observatory with Altacoustic for the night. Saw lots of things – Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Venus. It was good.

It’s back to work. The accident has taken it’s toll on me – I am quite stiff today and slightly sore in places I wasn’t yesterday.

Nebula Filter part II

Just bid on an Orion Optics Skyglow Wideband O3 filter with just 6 minutes left to go… and I won it!


Now that is an expensive piece of glass…..

I’m pack alpha!

Superior Wolf
Congratulations! You are the pack alpha! You are
the one that everyone looks to for guidance.
You don’t hesitate to make a decision but you
make sure to put a lot of thought into the
process. You believe that being the strong link
is one of the most important factors that an
individual should have.

What kind of wolf are you?
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Been bidding on a nebula filter for my scope on Ebay… lost it!

Better see if there’s any O3 filters going hadn’t I?

That video…

Some twat has sent me that sick beheading video. I caught about 5 seconds of it before I realised what it was and stopped it.

I thought it was another Angry Kid too… but should have known better.

Good few days.

My back’s feeling a bit better now, but the physio gave me a severe bollocking saying “it might feel better, but it isn’t better… so slow down”.

Had a bit of a cold for a couple of days – catarrgh is cool (NOT) – yellow snot!

Altacoustic’s bunny (Dylan) and guinea pig (Winnie) are happy in their hutch now, and are happily spreading sawdust everywhere! – animals are cool.

I feel a bit pathetic at the moment (no comments about Random Stanleys please) due to the pain, and have had a few days off work to relax and do nothing… of course Relax is a word not in my dictionary.

Rehearsed last night… and we recorded “Song 13” and I emailed it round the lads today. The two other songs are almost finished – “Stay” is the first one – which so far has been amazingly well recieved, “Only You” is the second one – not played live yet (subject to name change because I said it sounds like a flying pickets or Yazoo! song). “Song 13” is a really hard rock sounding song with no words as yet, but I called it “Song 13” cos it’s track number 13 on the PXR4.

Tonight we might be going to a folk gig… but I’m not sure as yet.

Devils Tower x2

My mouth swelling has finally gone down a bit and I can see in the mirror that I have two stumps where my teeth used to be, each of which looks like Devils Tower, Wyoming. I suppose that’s where the crowns will go…

I will now start crafting models of it in mashed potato, litter and mud.

I did a little gentle work today and cut the back lawn. My back was agony and so I had to call on D to finish the job for me… thank god for nice neighbours!

I did put some bulbs in the cooker hood and mended the broken doorbell though… they’ve both been broken for about 2 years… good going eh? Must be altacoustic turning me all domesticated…

Did quite a splendid fart this morning which made me quite justly proud. The odour was rather repulsive, and the aftereffects on Tigger were not pleasent. She’s now not talking (meowing) to me!!!

Ow Ow Ow Ow part II

1 root filling and 2 impressions later, and I now have 2 stumps in my mouth where once were teeth.

The pain wasn’t too bad but he had to cut my gum to get some decay out. I know that will hurt later.

I have of course opted for rock-god Gold crowns (the tooth in front is also in mid-crowning at the moment). I go in next Friday for the pair of them finishing and of course I will share the gory details.

I’ve won a telescope on EBAY too… cool eh?! … hopefully me and Altacoustic will be going to Bridlington on Sunday to collect it.