Pro-Plus I love thee very much

I love Pro Plus and Red Bull…

In work – got to run the wages BACS so I get paid… and boy do I need it! Bank sent me a nasty letter because they decided with me getting mardy and moving my mortgage they would take the balance of my insurance out in one payment of over £250… right like I can pay that all at once.

We’re in Crewe tonight and Kev is driving over there – I can kip till we get to Crewe itself because I’m the only one who knows where the Limelight is… well Andy and Steve have been but Memory, Long Term, Seive all fit in this case.

Did another big poo this morning by the way… I love touring – it’s like the Battle of Bosworth field down there – well gory!

How long do they piss around for?

Bloody Firehouse are winding me up now! thank god they bugger off out of the country tomorrow. We have to pick up the tour gear for Vaughn and nobody wants to say what is what so we can’t leave JB’s until they decide what we’re taking… do they know I’m in work tomorrow at 8am???? Baaaaaasssstttaaaaarrrrrddddsssss!

At least our tour bus is comfy even if it does smell of magic trees… can’t find any so I assume they are stuffed in every available gap in the bus – a bit like that bit on Se7en where Brad Pitt goes into the room with the “dead” man who’s had his hand cut off… is that a severed limb I see down behind the seats???

I wasn’t built to get up at this time…

No I wasn’t…

It’s far too early. We had an amazing gig last night at the Classic Rock Bar, I got in at 2am, and the bloody people next door got me up hammering sodding tiles onto the roof of the new flats.

My head is banging and I’m bleary eyed!

A long day today again – we’re picking up the tourbus for the Vaughn tour later from Leicester, and then driving on to JB’s to pick up all the Marshall endorsement gear after they finish the tour with Firehouse.

Still knackered!!!

It’s quarter to 11 and I’m STILL knackered.

I’m getting very sore now, must be because I forgot my warfarin this week. Oops!… my veins must look like a road map of London this morning with all the clogs and roadworks.

Warfarin popped… and back.

I can’t believe I’m 30 and on RAT POISON!!!

Tour party last night was cool because a)Danny came and sat with us b)Had a chat with Hailey and she’s really very nice and c)found out Tony Marshall is a prog-head!

Sat in the hotel at 2am drinking with Firehouse, Pride and Vaughn really is cool though.

We’re at the CR bar tonight so probably no entries for a couple of days…

Don’t rush out of bed…

Glasgow is cancelled… for us anyway.

I’m dubious… I think we were invited on this tour originally for ME. Director of CRS = Good gig in Sheffield = Local knowledge of hotels = less stress… (but not for me).

I reckon we won’t play Dudley either… but as I told Steeev yonks ago, I always thought we would just do one gig – and it looks like I’ve been proven right.

It’s not Kieron – he’s stressed, but he’s a big daft irish bugger at heart. I think it’s Pride who are being mardy on this occasion. We bend over backwards to help the tour, they just turn up, lard on, and play…

All I can say is how the mighty fall… has nothing good to say about them but we’ve had some real appreciative stuff!

Tell me if I turn into an arrogant tosser

Oh my god… was that us?

I finally got in well after dark o’clock and realise how tired I am now.

Got up this morning and did a spectacular poo, and then had a good long soak in the jacuzzi before going shopping for some new strings and square batteries.

Rotherham looked nice – had a Greggs pacifier. All the colours seemed more lurid this morning, or was that come-down from last night?

Either way, it’s nice to see how appreciated we were. Danny Vaughn is a real star, although I have my reservations about Firehouse. Their lack of thought with the length of soundchecks made me realise that it’s all ME ME ME with some bands. Vaughn’s was mega short, and all the time Danny was saying “we need to make sure these guys get a sound check”.

Kev was in a good mood… for a change!

At last!

The first time I can write in my journal at last, and guess what – it was great. Steve’s voice was excellent, and we all played well. Danny Vaughn stood at the side of the stage while we played Love’s a Battle and the old drummer was welling up. I expected a flood….

Tony Marshall has surprised me – he was never a fan, but we’ve surprised him now.

It was nice to see Darren and Gnome come along with Hannah (beautiful smelling as always). I hope they can patch things up.

Roll on Tyketto tour in November!… or Thursday…

Doors… but no doors…

Astounded at the unprofessional thoughtless attitude of some bands.

Firehouse – 2 hours soundcheck, 10 minutes on the KICK DRUM. I say no more but they wonder why no bugger wants these gigs?.

Vaughn – 30 minutes soundcheck – great!

Pride – 10 minutes whinging about not being able to hear the guitars… and they still bore me.

Deadline – 0 minutes soundcheck. Yep we ain’t getting one.

It’s 5 past 7 and guess what… doors should have opened 5 minutes ago. Thankfully the Corp has a good pre-gig area and big bar.