The last shrine!

It’s hard to see but there’s a red glow at the top of the picture hidden in the fog. That’s the very last shrine at the end of The Trial of Wood in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

It’s only taken me 2 months to get all 120 shrines.

Shortly after this picture was taken, Revali’s Gale regenerated and I was able to fly over there.

Seriously, Unilever (who seem to now make Pot Noodle), that is not “super saucy”. Could we have 2 sachets of sauce in them please? Especially the Original Curry one.

International Fetish Day

Today I went out dressed like this. It was International Fetish Day yesterday but I didn’t realise.

Amusingly, only one person obviously did a double take at me in leather and that was someone sat outside Costa Coffee.

I declare this Snowday!

Whilst it’s mostly a coating of the mushy horrible stuff around us, I suspect on higher ground it is really bad snow.

Today, therefore, we’ll be doing a couple of little jobs rather than trying to head into Sheffield and risking being unable to work.

Vegetarian Breakfasts

Vegetarian Breakfasts do not mean “no meat is served”. Cooking the eggs next to sizzling bacon and black pudding sort of kills the entire idea.

Please call it a meat free breakfast, but don’t use the word vegetarian to describe it.